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KnowledgeWhere’s end-to-end Mobile Entertainment System™ delivers location based mobile entertainment products and applications. more >>





News Flash

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2006
KnowledgeWhere is a semi-finalist in the NAVTEQ Global LBS challenge for its innovative social networking game – Mobile Pooch.

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005
Blister Entertainment, a division of KnowledgeWhere, launches Swordfish™ and Torpedo Bay™ for Sprint Customers on Nextel Nationwide Network. more>>

Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005
KnowledgeWhere is the recipient of the 2005 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award. more>>

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005
Boost Mobile launches Swordfish™ and Torpedo Bay™ on its wireless network. more>>

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